In the Midst, the Middle, the Muddle, in Amongst

I made this piece because I was annoyed with how I saw people talking about depression on social media. Robin Williams has just died, and people were saying things like, "If you're going through this, please ask for help! Your friends are here for you!" It's a great sentiment, but when I thought about my own depression, I was so deep in it that it was impossible for me to ask for help. it seemed like there was a huge disconnect between what people think about depression and the actual experience of it.

I started keeping a journal when I was 5. I read through all these journals to stitch together my own story of depression. I wanted to make something that wasn't about depression, but an experience of it.

My depression in college is entangled with my decision to be a dancer. I started therapy and had surgery on my knee within the same week. I don't think that's a coincidence.

This piece is half journal entries and half dance, telling the story into and out of my college depression.

Hershey is an engaging and earnest host to her tale.
— Kathy Valin, City Beat

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