You’re a badass.

You’re a fighter.

You pave your own way without asking permission.

And you support other womxn on your journey.

I know you must be tired down to your bones. I know fighting the patriarchy is exhausting. I know you need a break, but don’t feel like you can afford a massage.

Let’s care for one other. Take an hour out of hectic week share space with other womxn artists. Lay down, let yourself relax, and let your tired body be cared for.

We’ll partner up, and one person will start laying down, the other will start being the caregiver. I’ll guide you through some exercises of gentle bodywork: moving through the range of our joints, firm touch to encourage tense muscles to relax, and giving each other the care that’s so hard to find time for alone.

There’s magic when we are in the same room, sharing the same breath, holding space for each other. We can take care of each other.

This 90-minute bodywork workshop is $20.

We’ll meet in Ft. Thomas on Sunday, November 10, 10 am. Sign up by Tuesday, November 5.